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    • The anthropology of geste and the eucharistic rite of the Roman mass. 

      Fanning, Rosalie Patricia. (1994)
      For sixty-five years hardly anyone in the English-speaking world was aware of the anthropological theories of Marcel Jousse, a twentieth century Jesuit scholar. In 1990, Jousse's seminal work, Le style oral rythmique et ...
    • Orality and the sixteen Vedic Sanskaras. 

      Debipersad, Chandraprakash. (1995)
      In this dissertation an examination of oral style in the Sixteen Vedic Sanskaras with particular reference to the Naming, Marriage and Death ceremonies, has been made. Sanskaras, which originated in the Vedas, have been ...
    • A study of the Bhagavadgita as an example of Indian oral-literate tradition. 

      Mocktar, Hansraj. (1995)
      India has complex and sophisticated oral tradition which ha s developed over millennia. The Sanskrit language has had an enormous influence over the whole of India, especially its oral tradition. The advent of the ...