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    • Modelling of broadband powerline communication channels. 

      Mulangu, Chrispin Tshikomba.; Afullo, Thomas Joachim Odhiambo.; Ijumba, Nelson Mutatina. (SAIEE Publications., 2011)
      This paper develops a new PLC model and investigates the impact of the load, line length, and diameter of the transmission line on the channel transfer function over the frequency range of 1-20 M Hz. The results show that ...
    • Multiple ring networks in clustered traffic environments. 

      Green, Breton. (1998)
      Ring networks are appropriate for the full range of network levels, including multiprocessor systems, local area computer networks and high speed backbones. The most well known and widely implemented examples are the IBM ...
    • Performance analysis of signalling system No. 7 networks during signalling transfer point congestion. 

      Chana, Amish Harkisan. (2002)
      The growth of mobile networks and the imminent deployment of third generation networks and services will require signalling networks to maintain their integrity during increased unanticipated traffic volumes. As signalling ...