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    • Vacuum vessels in tension. 

      Mckenzie, Edric Roy. (1999)
      Tensional Vacuum Vessels (TVV) are vessels constructed such that the walls are placed in tension rather than in compression as is the case with conventional vacuum vessels. TVVs have the advantage of being cost-effective, light ...
    • X-ray crystallographic study of a trinuclear ruthenium organo-metallic complex. 

      Subramony, Loganathan. (1984)
      The crystal structure of Ru₃ (C0)₁₀(C₆H₅)₂PN(C₂H₅) P(C₆H₅)₂ (RUC)PNP) has been determined by single crystal X-ray analysis. The crystals are tri-- clinic with space group PĪ. The unit cell of dimensions a = 14,732; b = ...