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    • Profile analysis of X-ray powder diffraction data. 

      Naicker, Vishnu Visvanathan. (1988)
      Various strategies have been tested for obtaining integrated intensities from x-ray powder diffractometer data. An asymmetric pseudo-Voigt profile function was used to fit the pattern in the region above 2θ = 35̊ (Cu-Kα ...
    • X-ray crystallographic study of a trinuclear ruthenium organo-metallic complex. 

      Subramony, Loganathan. (1984)
      The crystal structure of Ru₃ (C0)₁₀(C₆H₅)₂PN(C₂H₅) P(C₆H₅)₂ (RUC)PNP) has been determined by single crystal X-ray analysis. The crystals are tri-- clinic with space group PĪ. The unit cell of dimensions a = 14,732; b = ...