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    • New disulfide reducing reagent for solid phase peptide synthesis. 

      Mthembu, Sinenhlanhla Nonhlanzeko. (2019)
      The special physical and chemical properties of sulfur atom make thiols and disulphide bonds of vital importance in many biological processes. For instance, it is well known, the role of cysteine residues in proteins, ...
    • Solid phase peptide synthesis: new resin and new protecting group. 

      Ramkisson, Shaveer. (2018)
      Solid phase peptide synthesis is the common approach used today in synthesizing peptides in a research scale and production. Success in this approach are governed by several factors. These are; (1) the solid support on ...
    • Thiobarbituric acid a useful scaffold for medicinal chemistry. 

      Noki, Sikabwe. (2018)
      Due to the growth number of infectious diseases, a huge demand of new antimicrobial agents are required. In this regard, Thiobarbituric acid (TBA) moieties were explored. As its name indicates, TBA is the sulfur version ...