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    • Intercultural sensitivity in the integrating suburb of Westville. Durban, South Africa. 

      Peters, Noel B.; Pertchick, Kevin.; Tomaselli, Keyan Gray.; Teer-Tomaselli, Ruth Elizabeth. (1997)
      To investigate intercultural sensitivity, the Davis Russell-Peters Intercultural Sensitivity Instrument (1994) was administered to 203 participants situated within residences in the formerly white suburb of Westville ...
    • Popularising semiotics. 

      Tomaselli, Keyan Gray.; Shepperson, Arnold.; Teer-Tomaselli, Ruth Elizabeth.; Baker, Russell.; Ballot, Jane Jennifer.; Holt, Alexander Robert.; Mahaye, Zithulele.; Nursoo, Lara. (Centre for the Study of Communication and Culture., 1991)
      Semiotics, deconstructionism, structuralism and postmodernism are words which lurk on boundaries of the consciousness of most of us. But they remain shadowy presences except on the rare occasions when we need to wrestle ...