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A history of college libraries in the Transkei from 1882-1994.

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This study is a brief history of college libraries in the former Transkei, from 1882 (the period of the missionaries) to 1994 (the year when Transkei was reincorporated into the Republic of South Africa). The history of college libraries in the Transkei has never been fully documented, despite the fact that some of the colleges and their libraries have been in existence for some time. Besides, there were some colleges which were without libraries. Even those that existed had not been fully developed, and the reasons for this have not been articulated. The author, therefore, considered it relevant to research the development of college libraries in this region. Fourteen college libraries were examined chronologically, starting from the colleges established during the missionary period (1882-1953), to the colleges established during the period of independence (1977 -1994) . Other periods covered were those of Bantu Education (1953-1962) and self-government (1963-1976). In order to provide a framework for the study, the historical development of each of the college libraries was examined in terms of the following criteria: adequacy of library accommodation; staffing; budget; the size and type of collection; users and types of services offered. The researcher gathered data by consulting and interviewing relevant people. Both primary and secondary sources were consulted. Conclusions drawn in this study clearly show that college libraries in the former Transkei were far from being centres of teaching, learning and research. Library staff were hampered in their efforts to improve library services, not only by a lack of funds and resources but also by the lack of a clear government policy regarding college libraries and by a lack of moral support.


Thesis (M.I.S.)-University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 1999.


Teachers--Training of--Eastern Cape., Academic libraries--Eastern Cape., Teachers' colleges--Eastern Cape., Education libraries--Eastern Cape., Theses--Library and information science.