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Exploring the efficacy of digital marketing to promote higher education using social media platforms.

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In recent years, businesses have adopted different marketing strategies and digital marketing has become a frequent way that businesses connect with their customers. This research aimed to explore if digital marketing is an effective method of promoting higher education using social media platforms. The study was conducted within a private tertiary institution in KwaZulu-Natal. 224 students completed the online questionnaire comprising 5 sections. Section A was based on the biographical particulars of respondents, while sections B to E were related to questions dealing with the sub-dimensions of the study. The sampling method adopted in this study was non-probability sampling. The Validity and Reliability of the questionnaire were evaluated using Factor Analysis and Cronbach’s Coefficient Alpha respectively. Descriptive and Inferential Statistics were implemented to initiate the results of this study. The empirical findings of this study indicate that there is a positive relationship between the effectiveness of digital marketing, the impact of digital marketing in higher education through social media, the effectiveness of social media and prevalence, frequency, and purpose of social media in promoting higher education. There were no significant differences in biographical profiles (gender, age, race, programme of study, and level of study) regarding each dimension of the study except for the level of study at the 1% level of significance. A framework with recommendations for improving efficacy has been developed based on the key dimensions of the study. It is recommended that future research investigate the efficacy of other social media platforms in higher education and increase the scope and exposure to include a broader spectrum of tertiary institutions to gain a broader perspective.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.