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An investigation into the management of electronic records in the public sector in Lesotho.

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Government computers are generating enormous volumes of e-records such as e-mails, word processed documents and databases. The immediate challenge of the public sector is therefore to preserve these digital records and make them accessible to future generations. The present study was conducted to investigate the management of e-records in the public sector in Lesotho. The objectives of the study guided the researcher to find out what IT infrastructure and resources existed. The study looked at which records were currently being created and strategies and policies used in managing those records. The archival legislation was reviewed to assess how it affected e-records. An e-records model suitable for managing e-records in Lesotho was suggested. The study adopted the descriptive research by utilizing the case study approach. Interview schedules were employed for data gathering, together with observations. The literature review guided the content of the interview schedule. Data was analyzed according to the objectives of the study. The overall findings revealed that the public sector in Lesotho was not managing its e­-records satisfactorily. The public sector did not have legislation that specifically dealt with managing e-records, there were no written policies, strategies and guidelines were non-existent. The study also revealed that there were no qualified personnel with expertise and skills in the management of e-records in the public sector. The study's conclusions and recommendations were that the public sector be allocated more resources and IT infrastructure. Staff should be trained, policies should be formulated, legislation should be amended to accommodate e-records and, lastly, the study recommended that the public sector in Lesotho should adopt the South African e­-records management model.


Thesis (MIS)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 2004.


Public records--Lesotho--Management., Records management--Lesotho., Electronic records--Lesotho--Management., Theses--Library and information science.