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Knowledge and acceptability of HAART among TB patients in Durban, South Africa.

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From October 2002 to February 2003, we conducted semi-structured interviews on knowledge of HIV, antiretroviral treatment, and willingness to participate in voluntary counselling and testing and HAART with 54 consenting patients attending a tuberculosis (TB) clinic in Durban, South Africa. 74% of patients interviewed reported not knowing anything about antiretroviral treatment (HAART). Knowledge of antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) was restricted to use in preventing mother to child HIV transmission (MTCT). 57.4% of the patients reported having an HIV test in the past, but less than 10% were aware of their current HIV status. Patients who did not know their current HIV status expressed fear and hesitation about testing HIV positive. However, 91% of the patients expressed willingness to participate in HIV treatment given the opportunity. The findings from this study indicate that knowledge of HIV treatment is limited. As access to HAART is expanded, information about HIV treatment options will need to be disseminated. TB centres may present unique opportunities for disseminating HIV prevention, care, and treatment options.



AIDS (Disease)--Treatment--KwaZulu-Natal--eThekwini Metropolitan Area., HIV infections--Treatment--KwaZulu-Natal--eThekwini Metropolitan Area., Highly active antiretroviral treatment--KwaZulu-Natal--eThekwini Metro Area., Highly active antiretroviral treatment., Tuberculosis--KwaZulu-Natal--eThekwini Metropolitan Area.


Gebrekristos, H.T., et al. 2005. Knowledge and acceptability of HAART among TB patients in Durban, South Africa. AIDS Care 17(6) pp. 767 -772.