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Intra-political infighting versus service delivery: assessing the impact of intra-political infighting on service delivery in uMsunduzi local municipality.

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This study is concerned with assessing the impact of intra-political infighting on service delivery in Msunduzi municipality. Essential to this study are the challenges facing service delivery in the municipality, as well as the role and impact of political parties in the municipality’s performance on service delivery. In addition, the study analyses national government policies on local government municipalities. Another aim is to understand the role of the South African Local Governance Association (SALGA) in the operation of municipalities. The study was qualitative in nature. The research used purposive sampling to collect and analyse data and questionnaire interviews from 18 respondents from Msunduzi local municipality and SALGA. Using Easton and Almond’s systems theory and structural functionalism, this research concluded that political systems, when applied to patterns of power and authority, expose the unequal relationship between the governors and the governed and can help to understand the impact of intra-political infighting on service delivery. The findings show that intra-political infighting has a negative impact on service delivery. When internal squabbles take precedence, services take a back seat; time spent trying to resolve squabbles results in delays in providing services. Finally, this research suggests the promotion of good governance as one of the tools to strengthen oversight bodies in order to ensure better accountability and provision of services in local government, and to strengthen communication between the communities and the municipality, particularly in Msunduzi municipality.


Master of Political Science. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg 2017.


Municipal services--South Africa., Political and government.