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The development of a behavioural video analysis system and a toolbox prototype.

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Behavioural research studies often include a data acquisition process, during which subjects are observed, and the displayed behaviours recorded, and a subsequent analysis process, during which the observed behaviours are analysed. In addition the data acquisition process could occur in real-time, or at a later stage, by referring to a recording of the original session. This dissertation addresses the latter approach through the use of computer based digital video technology. A windows based video analysis system, called VAS, that was developed to assist with the acquisition of observed behaviours from the video, and the analysis thereof is discussed. This is followed by a discussion of the implementation of VAS. Finally the directions for further research are identified, and discussed.


Thesis (M.Sc.)-University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 1996.


Behavioural sciences--Research--Methodology., Video recording., Research--Audio-Visual aids., Digital video., Theses--Computer science.