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Acute care in occupational therapy a package of care and the essential therapeutic equipment needed.

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ABSTRACT Introduction: Occupational therapy, together other clinical services are required by government to describe and outline their services so that minimum standards can be set, to ensure that quality care is delivered to all who use the public health service in South Africa. In KZN, where this study is focused, the vast majority of health institutions deliver acute care services at either a district, regional or tertiary level. Aligning therapeutic services to appropriate clinical service at each level will have an impact on optimal health care. Aim: This study focused on developing a package of services for occupational therapy in acute care and outlining an essential therapeutic equipment list. Methodology: A mixed methods explorative sequential study with three phases was implemented. The first phase focused on a documentation audit to determine the context, background and any relevant information on the topic. Approximately 13 documents were selected to conduct a thematic analysis and extract pertinent information to answer the research question. The second phase consisted of implementing a survey in KZN with all eligible occupational therapists to determine their opinions on existing information and generate new ideas. This survey was constructed utilizing information from the document analysis. The final phase ensured that consensus was drawn on a package of occupational therapy services and equipment list by conducting a focus group utilizing the nominal group technique. Senior experienced occupational therapists that worked in acute care constituted the expert group. Results: The documentation audit yielded a rich description of information which set the background on the survey questionnaire. A 78 % response from the survey ensured that the senior experts on the nominal focus group were well informed xii when drawing consensus on a final package of occupational therapy in acute care and the essential therapeutic equipment and assessments needed. Conclusion: This study will provide therapists with a baseline standard of care for acute care hospitals and assist them with motivating for appropriate cost effective resources to deliver effective services in KZN.


Master’s Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.