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Agricultural extension and natural resource management in Mozambique with particular reference to Cabo Delgado Province.

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The Agricultural Extension, within the context of Mozambique, is an important force· towards agricultural and rural development. Practically, the agricultural policy and programme of the government is implemented through these services. Mozambique has accepted agriculture as the foundation for the development of the country given that this activity sustains the livelihoods of almost the entire population. Moreover, Mozambique is a potential natural resource country, in where, its potential ranges from terrestrial to marine resources. For the purpose of this study, natural resource management refers mainly to the adequate management of the land, water, forests and wildlife by local communities. These facts imply that if the policy goals of the government are the agricultural and the rural development, than the Agricultural Extension role must be redefined to include promoting natural resource management. A most effective way of redefining this role is through supporting the relationship between agricultural extension and natural resource management. This relationship would provide stakeholders involved in the agricultural development scenario in Mozambique with a clear picture of the environment surrounding the Agricultural Extension service for future sound decisions. The relationship between Agricultural Extension and natural resource management was investigated through a survey conducted with extension workers and farmers in Cabo Delgado province in north of Mozambique. Key informants at district, provincial and national level assisted the study. The survey results are presented as three articles submitted for publication in the South African Journal of Agricultural Extension. It became evident that the relationship between agricultural extension and natural resource management is a prerequisite for agricultural and rural development in Mozambique. Further, several limiting factors adjoined. to the policy framework in agricultural development, Agricultural Extension approaches and farmers behaviour were identified as hampering that relationship, and therefore, need to be shifted or improved.


Thesis (M.Env.Dev.)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 2005.


Agriculture--Mozambique--Cabo Delgado., Agricultural extension work--Mozambique--Cabo Delgado., Farmers--Mozambique--Cabo Delgado., Agricultural extension workers--Mozambique--Cabo Delgado., Rural development--Mozambique--Cabo Delgado., Natural resources--Mozambique--Cabo Delgado--Management., Theses--Environmental science.