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The role of marketing media strategies on consumption.

dc.contributor.advisorPhiri, Maxwell Agabu.
dc.contributor.authorNaicker, Melisha.
dc.descriptionThesis (M.Com.)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 2012.en
dc.description.abstractThis research study put together was based on whether marketing media strategies have an effect on consumption.The purpose of this investigation would provide alternate methods of improving product advertising and client service in the consumer market, as well as influencing the advertising and marketing industry.Marketing media strategies provides a series of tactical actions, which are applied during strategy sales of the product and create awareness in the market amongst the consumer. This will provide an organization with an opportunity to concentrate on the scarce amount of resources and energies available,to apply the best approachfor utilizing these resources, to efficiently target the consumer market. The research approach utilised is the quantitative method, which involves a non-probability sampling technique and a descriptive research type. The research tool implemented is a questionnaire, which consists of two sections, a profile of the participant and the survey section. The survey section explores the perceptions of these participants relating to the awareness of the marketing media strategies and how consumers perceive brands and media consumption in the market currently. Questionnaires were selected based on a high response rate when distributed to respondents. It also provides a possibility of anonymity because the respondent’s names are not required on the completed questionnaires. This research tool wasdistributed in Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal to random consumers,media and marketing strategists and people in different professions. The method in which the questionnaire was distributed provides an insight on how people in the market perceive advertising of brands and influences their consumption. A consumer’s insight on advertising would be based on a shopper influence compared to a professional individual who would create a strategic insight. Information in this study was collected from primary and secondary sources, which consist of books, internet sources and past dissertations. From the findings which were collected during this study, it concludes that marketing media strategies play an instrumental role in consumption. These strategies provide a foundation for brands that are advertising and competing in the market, by tactically targeting the consumer market. Consumers’ value advertising in the market, as it provides a guideline before a purchase decision is made. Advertising also serves as a direct method of communicating the emotional and functional benefits of brands and products. Individuals make purchase decisions, which would improve their lifestyle based on emotions; therefore marketing media strategies serve as an awareness mechanism in the market, and drive education to the consumer about the product. The outcome of this study will serve as a guideline for future marketing and media strategists. The key findings gathered during this study states marketing media strategies play a substantial role in brand life and consumption; it allows organizations to focus more on limited resources and energies available and to utilize these resources to their best ability to gain competitive advantage and drive sales in the market which contributes to a higher share of volume and market leadership. The main reasons for executing marketing media strategies in the market is based on developing relationships between the consumer and the brand, which is essentially to expand on repeat purchase from new acquisitions and current consume.en
dc.subjectMarketing--South Africa.en
dc.subjectStrategic planning--South Africa.en
dc.subjectAdvertising media planning--South Africa.en
dc.subjectConsumer behaviour--South Africa.en
dc.subjectConsumer education--South Africa.en
dc.subjectInternet advertising--South Africa.en
dc.titleThe role of marketing media strategies on consumption.en


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