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Modeling of fabricated NiO/TiO2 P-N heterojunction solar cells.

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Research India Publications.


This paper reports modelling and theoretical validation of a fabricated NiO/TiO2 P-N heterojunction solar cell. The solar cell equations were modelled and thereafter theoretical validation of the fabricated solar cells was performed. Modelling tools were used to validate the influence of NiO material features such as deposition temperature, voltage and defect densities on the performances of an ITO/TiO2/NiO heterojunction solar cell structure. The working points used included a temperature of 350 oC, illumination of 1000 W/m2 using an AM1.5 lamp, with voltage range of 0 to 1.5 volts. The output gave Voc of 0.1445 V, Jsc of 247.959195E-6 mA/cm2 and FF of 37.87 % and Voc 0.7056 and Jsc 28.366911 mA/cm2 when both contacts were added. This opens a new frontier for modelling of metal oxide based thin film solar cells especially NiO thin film solar cells. These findings enhance the quest to develop affordable and sustainable energy and encourage further research in solar cell technologies in low-income countries.


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