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Soaked in their own blood : a search for community empowerment principles in John Mbiti's theology and their relevance for the empowerment of the poor and marginalised.

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The absence of an Evangelical African theology of Development has highly motivated me to embark on this study. Through this study, one hopes that more writings from many evangelicals who are committed to the church's involvement in the process of community empowerment, will come forth. The study reflects an underlying philosophy which is fundamental to the work of ministry that I have been involved with for more than twenty years. The thesis has focussed on the most effective form of development, the empowerment of people rather than technological advancement and economic growth. The thesis advocates that those who are beneficiaries must be involved in all stages and aspects of their empowerment activity, both as individuals and communities. This enables them to own and contribute greatly to their own community's development. Too often development programmes have been designed on the basis of planning and management carried out by professionals without the beneficiaries' participation. Here the Thesis is trying to look for empowerment principles in John Mbiti's Theology, which could involve the poor and marginalized in the process of their empowerment. Finally it also looks at how African theology can empower people within their cultural situation, using their known values as valuable means of empowerment. Therefore, what is reflected in this thesis is an African Theological contribution to the empowerment of the people within their African experience.


Thesis (M.Th.)-University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 2000.


Economic development--Religious aspects--Christianity., Economics--Religious aspects--Christianity., Church work with the poor., Mbiti, John S.,--Theology., Theses--Theology.