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A packet radio system for an industrial data network.

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This project was undertaken for a commercial electronics company, CONTROL LOGIC (CONLOG) which is involved in the research, design, development and manufacture of data acquisition, control, energy management and automotive equipment. Currently CONLOG uses an inhouse token passing local area network CONET for industrial data communications.The need had arisen to provide a means of data communication amongst widely geographically distributed remote terminal units (RTUs) generating demands at a very low duty cycle. A need for communications between RTUs and a centralised controller was also required. In addition to this, multihop communications between the RTUs was required. Packet switching using a broadcast radio network provides an efficient means of achieving this. An investigation into to the various media access control protocols and contention techniques using packet radio was carried out. The various media access techniques were compared with respect to throughput and normalised delay. This led to the selection of a media access scheme for the packet radio network using RTUs. A protocol specification control is centralised or Interconnect Organisation.The switching protocol (OSI) for the packet radio network, in which distributed, was done. The architechure of specified adheres to the Open Systems model of the International Standards.An experimental packet switching radio network was implemented using the protocol specification defined above. The packet radio network (PACNET) uses existing off the shelf radios and purpose built hardware for the remote terminal units. The thesis describes methods of data communications suitable for widely dispersed industrial data communications, the selection of the packet switching media access methods and control protocols, and the design and implementation of the prototype system.


Thesis (M.Sc.Eng.)-University of Natal, 1992.


Data transmission systems., Packet switching (Data transmission), Computer network protocols., Theses--Electronic engineering.