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The Anglican church and poverty in Tanzania : a review of development programmes in the diocese of Morogoro.

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Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Since independence Tanzania has implemented different development policies, but the gap between the rich and the poor has increased despite the government's and NGOs' efforts of development programmes for poverty reduction being implemented. This research has analysed the approach of the Anglican Church to development programmes for poverty reduction in the Diocese of Morogoro. It has defined poverty as a lack access to resources, together with a lack of power, dignity and vocation. Because of this challenge of poverty, the Church has been involved in community development programmes for poverty reduction. These programmes have sought to empower the poor, offering dignity and enabling them to realise their God-given vocations in their communities. The aim of these programmes is to improve the living standard of poor people and to raise their social and economic welfare regardless of their religious beliefs. The research has identified the two main weaknesses in these church programmes as (1) a lack of a theoretical vision, and (2) a lack of strategic vision. Because of the first weakness it has consolidated a theoretical vision for development programmes focusing on theology of development, the definition of development and community development, and Asset Based Community Development as an approach to community development in connection with Ujamaa, and particularly Kujitegemea. In tackling the second weakness it has consolidated a strategic vision for the diocese making use of such as PRA/PLA, ADPs to take forward the theoretical vision for development programmes in the diocese of Morogoro. The thesis concludes by recommending that the relevant diocesan leaders engage with this research and proposals, so as to provide a way forward.


Thesis (M.Th.)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 2005.


Tanzania--Church history., Church of England--Tanzania., Poverty--Religious aspects--Christianity., Church work with the poor--Tanzania., Economic development--Religious aspects--Christianity., Theses--Theology.