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The role of principals in establishment and sustenance of teamwork within the school: a case study of three primary schools in KwaMashu circuit.

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The purpose of the study was to explore the role of principals in the establishment and sustenance of teamwork within their schools. It is hoped that the study will contribute in understanding the challenges the principals experienced in developing teamwork, and how they dealt with those challenges. The study was located in the interpretive paradigm. This paradigm provides understanding of how people make sense of the contexts in which they live and work. The study used a qualitative research design, and a case study was adopted as the methodology. Semi-structured interviews were used as the main method for data generation. For this study, purposive sampling was chosen. The study was conducted in the public primary schools in the eThekwini region of Pinetown District. The research participants sampled comprised of three principals of which two are males and one female. The key findings indicate that where teamwork exists stakeholders are likely to learn to work with each other, share ideas, and bring about organisational effectiveness.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.