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Who's in charge in a genderless marriage? : a queer analysis of the opposition to same-sex marriage as articulated by the Marriage Alliance of South Africa.

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This thesis offers a queer analysis of the opposition to same - sex marriage as articulated by the Marriage Alliance of South Africa (MASA). This qualitative research seeks to interrogate the definition of marriage presented by the lawyers for MASA in their written submission to the Constitutional Court, and the theology of marriage underpinning their position. MASA’s theology of marriage is analysed using two related branches of theology: feminist theology and queer theology. This analysis aims to expose MASA’s patriarchal and heterosexist worldview of marriage and family, and aims to show that same - sex marriage poses a direct threat to their worldview. R esearch in the fields of queer theory and theology is offered in support of the hypothesis that same - sex marriage presents a direct threat to traditional patriarchal Christian family values. This queer ana lysis is based on an understanding of gender that asserts that the roles within a family are not determined by inherent gender identities, but by the performance of particular roles peculiar to a family’s self - understanding. The thesis then concludes with an alternative theology of marriage and family based on queer and feminist Trinitarian theologies that allow for more just forms of marriage relationship and family life.


Thesis (M.Th.)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 2009.