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An evaluative study of the psychology collection at the University of Transkei.

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The study focused on the evaluation of the psychology book collection at UNITRA library. In particular, the study investigated the adequacy of the psychology book collection in terms of accessibility, availability, and pertinence. A sample of 264 respondents was selected from a population of 1123 students. A proportionate random sampling was used to select respondents from each stratum. The survey method was used, and questionnaires were administered to the sample of 1995 registered psychology students at UNITRA from Year 1 to Honours level. The questionnaire focused on the research questions, relating to accessibility , availability, and pertinence of the psychology collection. The data was analysed by means of a statistical package, SAS. The results were interpreted in relation to the variables. The findings revealed that accessibility and availability were affected by: the attendance of the first library orientation programme which is usually offered at the beginning of the year; the availability of library services at high school; the number of copies of the same title in the library; library opening hours; attitude of the librarians; procedure for locating books; number of borrower cards; and the age of books in the library. The identification of entries representing books on the catalogue, and the location of books on the shelves were found to be easier for those users who had attended library orientation and those who had libraries at their high school. It was recommended that lecturers and librarians should encourage students to also use the subject catalogue in order to get more books on the same subject. A number of other recommendations were suggested taken from the findings and other authorities on the subject to improve the accessibility, availability and pertinence of the psychology collection. The development of a written collection development policy would make the implementation of the above recommendations easier.


Thesis (M.I.S.)-University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 1997.


Academic libraries--Eastern Cape--Collection development--Evaluation., Academic libraries--Eastern Cape--Use studies., Psychology--Library resources--Evaluation., Theses--Library and information science.