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The effects of teacher-librarianship training at the colleges of education in the former Transkei on school libraries.

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This study investigated whether there is any significant difference between the training of teacher-librarians with the use of library facilities and the training which does not use library facilities. The study was based on the colleges of education in the former Transkei where the training of teacher­ librarians is mostly conducted with the use of very little or no library facilities. The research sample of 50% was selected from second year teacher-librarianship students who do the course as part of their teacher training at one of the colleges of education in the region mentioned above. This college was chosen on the basis that it has the best library facilities of all of them, and also that the teacher-librarianship programme offered in all these colleges is the same. A test was used as a method of gathering data. The statistical testing of the data indicated a significant difference between the two methods of instruction mentioned above, thus leading to the rejection of the null hypothesis in favour of the research hypothesis. The major conclusion drawn was that: The use of school modelled college library facilities in the training of teacher-librarians is the basic and useful tool towards the provision of functional school libraries.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg.