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How can the Young Men's Guild (YMG) respond to the needs for the prevention of HIV (MCSA) : with special reference to King William's Town circuit.

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This research undertook to establish how the YMG in KWT circuit become fruitfully involved in the prevention of HIV and AIDS. It is argued here that the YMG is strategically situated in the church to address issues in the Xhosa-Christian culture that exacerbate the spread of HIV. These include issues like maleness and gender inequality, safer sex practices and the place of condoms and the promotion of sex ethics. The YMG is historically a centre for peer education, resilience in suffering, and morale building. It was the YMG that enabled the church to stand and strategise against apartheid. It is therefore a suitable space for Aids debate, education, and strategising on prevention methods. The YMG is also a well-to-do forum for airing the voices of the Xhosa Christian men on AIDS issues. It is, as well, a good support forum for addressing treatment and bereavement in an allempt to demythologise the Aids disease. However, it is the submission of this research that the YMG needs certain focusing in order to become fruitfully involved in prevention efforts. It is therefore recommended that the age disparity within the study circles of the YMG be resolved in order to create openness and comradeship. The membership of YMG at the present stretches from 17 years to 70 years. Members of YMG with this age disparity cannot talk freely on sexuality and HIV unless the groupings are systematised. There is also the need to bring on board such church leaders in the circuit so as to address morality and sexuality within the Methodist doctrinal perspective.


Thesis (M.Th.)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 2006.


Church work with the sick., AIDS (Disease)--Religious aspects--Christianity., HIV infections--Religious aspects--Christianity., HIV infections--Prevention and control., Sexually transmitted diseases--South Africa--Prevention., Methodist church--South Africa., Theses--Theology., AIDS (Disease)--South Africa--Prevention.