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An analysis of the Gutsaruzhinji polity in Zimbabwe.

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The absence of a sound and robust African political ideology grounded in Africa‘s traditional and cultural philosophy of hunhu/ubuntu has led to Africa‘s continued subjugation and domination by both Western and Eastern bloc nations. Africa has been compelled to choose between capitalism or socialism which are both foreign ideologies. The author strongly contests the above view and provides an alternative ideology which is in all respects African and grounded in Africa‘s richest philosophy of hunhu/ubuntu. Gutsaruzhinji, both as a philosophy and political ideology is entrenched in traditional African cultural ideals rooted in the hunhu/ubuntu philosophy. It is the author‘s contention that gutsaruzhinji is an authentic African philosophy, tested in Zimbabwean politics, deserves to be assigned both regional and international status. The author believes, it is time for ubiquitous philosophy that can be employed to extricate Africa and its people from perpetual poverty and inequalities perpetrated by colonialism. Gutsaruzhinji focuses on effectively meeting the social and economic needs of all citizens who had been marginalised by colonial apartheid development trajectory. This will immediately see the abandonment of both capitalism and socialism as guiding ideologies in African social, economic and political development. Gutsaruzhinji was nurtured throughout the pre-colonial period and is evident in such traditional practices as nhimbe or majangano or letseka, where free labour and service was given to enable every member of the community to get food and be self-sufficient. The merit of this thesis is that it brings a new African political thought and consciousness needed to continue embracing hunhu/ubuntu values which are key to the survival of African Philosophy and good governance. The two important vehicles of African identity and survival, hunhu/ubuntu and gutsaruzhinji are set to continue defending the African intellectual territory and political landscape to eternity. This thesis is intended to also assist in extricating and blending African philosophies like Ujamaa, Consciencism, Negritude and Humanism from the label ―African Socialism and bond them with hunhu/ubuntu philosophy, making them an integral part of gutsaruzhinji polity. Africa will for the first time adopt and use its own political ideology to better the livelihood of its citizens.


Doctoral Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg.