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The syntactic features of South African Indian English among students in Natal, with regard to use and attitudes towards usage.

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Two tests were developed and administered to 122 South African students of Indian descent and 70 South African students of European descent. One test elicited use of certain syntactic constructions through requesting subjects to make specified grammatical changes to verbally presented sentences. The other test elicited attitudes regarding acceptability and beliefs about own and others' use of nonstandard syntactic forms. In both cases, test items were based on non-standard syntactic forms reported to occur in the speech of Indian South Africans. Results were analysed statistically and on the basis of significant group differences, fourteen syntactic features of South African Indian English were identified. These results, as well as those concerning language attitudes and beliefs, are discussed in terms of the literature and implications for clinical application and further research. Sex differences in use and attitudes were also investigated but were found to be of little significance.


Thesis (M.Speech Pathology)-University of Durban-Westville, 1987.


Theses--Speech-language pathology., English language--South Africa., Indians--South Africa.