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Managing educational resources in a TVET context: a case study of campus managers.

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This research aimed at exploring how campus managers manage educational resources in a Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), South Africa. The study focused on campus managers’ understanding and experiences of managing educational resources in a TVET context. The study explored this resource management through the perspectives of three campus managers from three different campuses in one TVET college. The objectives of this study are: to establish campus managers’ understanding about their role of managing educational resources in a TVET college; to understand challenges faced by campus managers in their role of managing educational resources in a TVET college; and to understand how campus managers overcome challenges experienced in managing educational resources in a TVET college. This is a qualitative study located within the interpretive paradigm. The participants were purposively selected. The study used semi-structured interviews as a method of collecting data. Due to COVI-19 regulations, interviews were conducted through the ZOOM platform to observe social distancing. The study employed thematic data analysis to analyse the generated data from the participants. The findings revealed that campus managers that participated in this study have a clear understanding of their role in managing resources. However, they experienced challenges such as the procurement process which is too long and stringent, the inadequate supply of educational resources, the lack of funds and poor maintenance of educational resources. The strategies used by campus managers to mitigate challenges included the following: planning ahead for educational resources; making a lot of follow up on acquired resources; collaboration with other campuses and colleges; and communicating with all stakeholders. The study recommended the following: the policy on managing educational resources in TVET colleges should be made available; college management should ensure that procurement unit accounts for acquired educational resources; remodelling of the procurement process and decentralisation of management of resources and procurement process to campuses; Adequate funds should be made available and college management should mobilise more funds for colleges to have sufficient resources; college management should account for the shortage of educational resources, and educational resources should be maintained.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.