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Political and economic obstacles to African unity.

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Africa is a continent that is characterized by its rich natural resources together with its vibrant and diverse cultures which mark it as one of the famous tourist destinations. Yet, the continent is continuously tortured by various challenges such as economic instability, poverty, unemployment, inequality, political unrest as well as ethnic conflicts. These factors together with a plethora of other factors cripple the continents unity envisioned to fast track the continents economic development as well as make right the wrongs caused by colonialism and bring to life the dream of Pan-Africanism. Various strategies to strengthen African unity have been developed and put in place yet to date minimum positive outcome can be identified. With a combination of two theoretical frameworks which are realism and constructivism, this thesis then uses a qualitative desk-based study to identify and critically discuss various challenges to African unity, paying specific attention to challenges of economic instability, Africa’s colonial history as an obstacle to African unity, and the political obstacles whilst comparing all the obstacles to existing strategies which Africa has employed in its quest for unity.


M. Soc. Sc. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg 2014.


Africa--Politics and government., Africa--Economic conditions., Theses--Politcal science.