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An evaluation of SANGONeT as a regional electronic information and communication network for development and human rights organizations in KwaZulu-Natal.

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This study was a user oriented evaluation of the South African Non-government Organizations Network (SANGONeT), a regional electronic information and communication network for development and human rights workers. SANGONeT emphasizes the need for integrating a variety of information related tasks through the use of information and communication technologies (lCT). Its mission is to facilitate the effective and empowering use of ICTs by development and social justice actors in Southern Africa. While SANGONeT is one of the oldest networks for development and human rights sectors in South Africa, no other evaluations of this particular network, from the users' perspective could be traced. The study sought to determine SANGONeT's intended users' perceptions of the network, in terms of their level of awareness and, utilization, accessibility, relevance of the network and its level of facilitation in networking. SANGONeT was evaluated using effectiveness indicators. The respondents were the development and human rights organizations in K waZulu-Natal which subscribed to SANGONeT, or those which use certain services provided by the network as well as those which do not use the network but which are potential users. The SANGONeT subscribers formed only a small proportion of the population. They were all included in the study. A number of potential subscribers who were nonsubscribers were added. According to the findings, the subscribers were satisfied with the services that SANGONeT provides and they do see it as a networking facilitator. The nonsubscribers and the nonusers were not aware of the network's existence or the services it provides. Underutilisation does not result from the problems of accessibility and relevance. Lack of awareness emerged as the main reason for the underutilisation of SANGONeT in KwaZulu-Natal. Based on the findings of the study, recommendations are made for SANGONeT as well as suggestions for further study.


Thesis (M.I.S.)-University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 2001.


Sangonet (Computer Network)--Evaluation., Non-governmental organizations--South Africa--Evaluation., Community development--South Africa--Information services--Evaluation., Information services--South Africa., Theses--Library and information science., Human rights--South Africa--Information services.