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Inefficient communication amongst the relevant stakeholders in manufacturing operations.

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The study was on inefficient communication amongst the relevant stakeholders in manufacturing operations at Simba PepsiCo. It aimed at ensuring that elements or causes of inefficient communication that hindered seamless execution in manufacturing operations are identified and eliminated. Due to constraints in the resources the research was focused on Johannesburg employees who had email access. Efficient communication is not only about conveying a message that you want said, rather it is more about conveying the message so that other people can understand it. Inefficient communication can be described as communication systems that are disorganized, feeble, incapable, incompetent, ineffectual, wasteful and inefficient or ineffective time usage the study used a questionnaire as the research instrument. The questionnaire was made up of 19 questions. The total of 103 questionnaires were sent through email access to all the 103 employees in Simba PepsiCo Johannesburg. The data obtained from the respondents was analysed using SPSS and Excel format. It found that stakeholders were aware that communication inefficiencies existed within the organisation and could identify what they were. Participants also identified themselves as part of the problem as well also being part of the solution. Overall participants had a positive attitude towards the designing and implementation of communication strategies and expressed significant buy-in to the concept. Leadership were respected for their roles, but it was felt that they too should get more involved and develop themselves to become even better leaders. Although expressed permission was obtained to conduct the study, many of the target population were reluctant to do so in fear of potential negative consequences that might accrue to them for participating in it. Many felt that they would be betraying the company if they participated.


Master of Business Administration. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville 2015.


PepsiCo, Inc., Communication., Business communication., Communication--Methodology., Theses--Business administration., Simba PepsiCo (S.A.), Inefficient communication.